Arduino Mini ATtiny3217 development breakout board

Arduino Mini ATtiny3217 development breakout board

Arduino enthusiasts may be interested in a new Mini ATtiny3217 development breakout board. The Dily3217 is an Arduino compatible development board measuring just 30 x 10mm in size, offering an easy to integrate board thanks to its breadboard-friendly narrow DIL24 form factor.

the small Arduino development board is powered by the new ATtiny3217 and it has 21 I/O lines, and can be programmed with an external USB FTDI adapter, and offers roughly the same functionality as the Arduino Unoin a much smaller footprint.

Dily3217 board features :

Atmel microcontroller ATtiny3217
Bootloader Optiboot preloaded (same as the Arduino Uno)
The DIL24 package leaves many pins free on a breadboard
FTDI connector-less connector
32kByte program memory (same as the Arduino Uno)
2048Byte SRAM (same as the Arduino Uno)
21 I/O pins (20 on the Arduino Uno)
20MHz clock at 5V (16MHz on the Arduino Uno)
8-bit DAC (not on Arduino Uno)
Onboard LED
Power LED
Reset button
Supply voltage 1.8V – 5.5V
Optional voltage regulator for supply voltages higher than 5.5V
Straightforward pinout
See more on the Microchip website

To learn more about the mini Arduino development board jump over to the ADVWeb website by following the link below.

Source : Adafruit : AVDWeb

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