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The development team based in Travagliato, Italy have returned once again to Kickstarter to raise funds for their new Arduino compatible modular development system HeroCore. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the HeroCore system which is now available to back with earlybird pledges from €35 and worldwide delivery expected to take place in a couple of months time during April 2020.

“HeroCore is not just a breakout, but rather an ENTIRE PROJECT. Forget the ugly shields and breakouts you are used to, seriously. HeroCore comes with BEAUTIFUL shields, accessories, cases, wires, we want you to have EVERYTHING, with compatibility across the entire products. It is based on the simpe and easy to use chip from HobbyTronics, and uses Serial (Tx and Rx) or I2C to send plain simple text based inputs. “

USB drives that can be hosted by the HeroCore system:

– Flash Memory Stick – Read and Write data to files on a USB flash drive
– scanners and small numerical pads
– USB Joystick – Reads the control inputs and button presses from a USB Joystick. Data available via serial connection or using I2C. Great for robot projects
– USB Mouse – Read the movement and button clicks of a mouse via Serial TTL and I2C.
– PS3 Dual Shock Controller – Read the Joysticks, accelerometer, button pressure and buttons of a PS3 Dualshock Controller via Serial TTL and I2C. Set the LEDs and rumble motors.
– PS3 and PS4 Dual Shock Controller – Bluetooth – Connect to a PS3 or PS4 Dualshock Controller using its Bluetooth connection and read the Joysticks, accelerometer, button pressure and buttons via Serial TTL and I2C.
– Serial Driver for FTDI, CP210X, PL2303, CH340/1 and CDC – Allows you to connect a serial device that uses an FTDI, CP210X, PL2303, CH340/1 or CDC USB chipset to the Host Board and send and receive data.
– MIDI Device – Allows you to connect a MIDI device to the USB Host Board for 2-way communication using the MIDI message protocol
– USB Modem – Allows you to connect a certain USB Modems to the USB Host Board for SMS Text Messaging
– The XBee ADAPTER! (basic)

Source : Kickstarter

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