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If you would prefer to be in full control of your cloud storage you may be interested in the Anakyn a small Raspberry Pi powered personal server and cloud storage system that can also provide the ability to host a mine crossover or host a website. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the Anakyn which is now available to back on Kickstarter from $99.

The supplied Anankyn app is used to easily setup the cloud storage solution on your home network and supports iOS, Android, Mac or Windows systems. Anakyn uses a Linux based operating system with Apache security methods for the security of data.

“Anakyn is a small device with lots of potential. It is a personal cloud server with zero subscription fees. You can backup and store files from your mobile & desktop devices! Anakyn allows you to easily host websites, store files, and host a Minecraft server: without writing a single line of code. Anakyn uses its own Linux based operating system which can be accessed through a desktop or mobile app. Own your files and never rent from 3rd party providers again.”

“Anakyn allows you to store or share files with 100% privacy and zero monthly fees. From pictures to game mods, a movie collection to an entire music library, whether you have a Mac, PC, Linux, or mobile OS, Anakyn can store it all. From the mobile app you can easily save your photos from your device at anytime. The server comes with 8GB of internal storage plus 128GBs or 256GBs of additional storage, depending on the selected reward. Additional storage beyond that is easy; by inserting external USB drives to Anakyn’s dual USB ports or a microSD card. Anakyn’s software is stored on-board and allows you to choose and swap external storage up to 2TB.”

Source : Kickstarter

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