AMD Ryzen Embedded

AMD has unveiled two new additions to its ever-growing range of Ryzen Embedded chips announcing the imminent availability of the Ryzen Embedded R1102G and Ryzen Embedded R1305G. Check out the full Ryzen Embedded R1000 range below :

Ryzen Embedded R1102G: 6 watts // 2-cores, 2-threads // 1.2 GHz base // 2.6 GHz max
Ryzen Embedded R1305G: 8-10 watts // 2-cores, 4-threads // 1.5 GHz base // 2.8 GHz max
Ryzen Embedded R1505G: 12-25 watts // 2-cores, 4-threads // 2.4 GHz base // 3.3 GHz max
Ryzen Embedded R1606G: 12-25 watts // 2-cores, 4-threads // 2.6 GHz base // 3.5 GHz max

“Mini PC solutions powered by AMD Ryzen Embedded provide unique benefits to system integrators, system designers, and IT professionals. These solutions are a great fit for both commercial and consumer applications.

Open Ecosystem – Part of the power of a device comes from ease of use and scalability, which in turn depends on the ecosystem supporting it. Mini PCs powered by AMD Ryzen Embedded are supported by a growing list of hardware and software ecosystem partners, with pre-validated packages based on open software such as Radeon Open ecosystem (ROCm), OpenCLTM, and more. With an open ecosystem, AMD Ryzen Embedded processors are well suited for applications that require a small form factor, planned extended availability and fast deployment.

AIoT Ready Systems – From Smart Factory and Industry 4.0 to modern retail and enterprise segments, the deployed solutions need to have the ability to analyse data and make smart decisions. AMD Ryzen Embedded processors with Radeon graphics provide high compute performance for applications such as machine vision, object detection, edge inference, and analytics. With a broad ecosystem of AIoT SW partners, Mini PCs powered by AMD Ryzen Embedded support AIoT applications!”

Source : AMD : AMD :  Liliputing

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