Battery Pack

Battery Pack

The HydraCell Power Cube provides instant power for light and charging by simply adding saltwater. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the HydraCell available from Kickstarter.

“One of the biggest frustrations with conventional batteries is when you go to use them they are already dead. Sure, some are rechargeable, but you don’t need a charge in hours. You need power now.”

HydraCell battery

HydraCell battery

Features of Hyderocell battery pack include :

– Instantly produces power simply by adding salt water
– Charges 5 to 10 phones on a single set of charge plates
– Provides 50 (high light mode) to 100 (low light mode) hours of light using the HydraCell Accessory Light on a single set of replaceable charge plates.
– The HydraCell Cube is also eco friendly – the waste produced is totally biodegradable
– The HydraCell itself is made from recyclable plastic.

“In times of emergency, the HydraCell Cube is designed to work anywhere by simply adding saltwater. Powerlines taken out by a windstorm? Backpacking or camping off the grid? Prepping your bunker for the all-to-certain dissolution of society as we know it? Introducing the HydraCell Cube, the first practical water-activated fuel cell.”

Applications :

– Emergency Preparedness / Hardcore Survivalists:  Be prepared for anything! Cut off from a power supply, lost in the jungle or at sea, or just taking every measure to keep your family safe. Store at home, in your shelter or bunker in your vehicle or boat and simply activate the HydraCell in water.
– Outdoor / Camping Enthusiasts: Whether you are backpacking or trekking in an RV the HydraCell Cube and Accessory Light can provide affordable power and light when you need it.
– Military/First Responders: Always be ready in even the most disparate of environments. Recharge lights, mobile phones, radio equipment, and more without worrying about finding a power outlet.

For more information and full specifications on the HydraCell jump over to the official Kickstarter campaign page by following the link below.

Source : Kickstarter

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