AirHein is a new minimalist air purifier offering six functions in one and has been specifically designed to increase air quality while still providing you with the power to enhance your space using aromatherapy, lighting and music. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the features of the AirHein air purifier which has this week launched via Kickstarter to raise the required funds needed to make the jump into production. Early bird pledges are available from C$118 or roughly £70 offering a 40% saving off the recommended retail price.

“Recent studies have shown that indoor air quality and productivity are related. Healthy air quality directly contributes your mood and productivity. Whether it’s in your office or workout space, ensure you are breathing the freshest air available to get the most out of your day. Additionally, Airhein helps you enjoy your favourite sounds and music to stretch and meditate to as well as use your favourite essential oils to relax or energize.”

“Indoor air can be far more dangerous than outdoor air. Airhein can be used in every part of your home to ensure the highest quality of air for you and your family. Airhein is great for kids rooms and nurseries. Ensuring fresh clean air at a young age can help with their lung development. As they are growing, they breath in more air more quickly than adults. If there are contaminates and pollution, children are breathing this in quicker than adults. With their immune systems still developing as well, fighting the effects of polluted air is less than adult’s ability, which can cause asthma, respiratory issues and a decrease in lung development.”

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“Use Airhein’s Aromatherapy Boxes to diffuse your favourite essential oils safely and easily. Candles are a quick solution for smelling your favourite scents, however it isn’t alway the best solution, especially with pets and children. When burning a candle, hazardous compounds (VOCs) can be released into the air. While the effects aren’t immediate, VOCs can lead to health complications. Not only can Essential oils be used to provide a pleasant smell, they can provide respiratory, physical and psychological benefits. By using Airhein to diffuse your favourite essential oils, your brain will signal certain emotions that can leave you feeling energized, optimistic, hopeful. “

Source : Kickstarter

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