cat litter box

cat litter box

Automatic cat litter cleaning system Aimicat, helps keep your cat litter box tidy and hygienic for your furry companions. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the Aimicat cat litter tray and its features. Earlybird pledges are now available from $229 and thanks to nearly 1000 backers the project has raised over $250,000 but still 26 days remaining.

“No more shoveling cat poop by hand – simply plug it in and let Aimicat Smart Litter Box do the dirty work for you! Aimicat uses intelligent sensors that instantly recognize and remove feces  and  automatically  replaces the litter. Cats LOVE automatic litter boxes! Cats are proven to be far more likely to use and love Aimicat than any traditional litter box, because it’s consistently clean!”

“Aimicat was created to make the lives of cats and their humans as comfortable as possible. The spherical shape of the litter container has seen countless design iterations, to ensure that every cat feels at home in their Aimicat. And there’s a bonus –  Aimicat’s extreme litter efficiency saves you 4 times the amount of cat litter when using a traditional litter box, potentially reducing litter costs by upwards of $600 a year! “

Source : Kickstarter

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