ADATA Industrial-Grade microSD

ADATA Industrial-Grade microSD

Following on from ADATA unveiling their very first gaming laptop earlier this week, the company has now introduced its new industrial grade microSD and SD cards complete with SLC caching technology. The new
industrial grade microSD cards ADATA ISDD33K and IUDD33K as soon be available to purchase although no worldwide pricing or availability has been announced as yet by ADATA.

The ADATA ISDD33K SD card As equipped with 3D TLC Flash, sporting a 3K P/E cycle rating, and read and write speeds of up to 95/70 MB per second. The ISDD33K is highly reliable and compatible as well as power efficient, says ADATA and is ideally suited for applications such as medical devices, surveillance systems, point of sale systems.

While the ADATA IUDD33K industrial-grade A1 (Application Performance Class 1) microSD card implements 3D TLC Flash, sports a 3K P/E cycle rating, and read and write speeds of up to 95/70 MB per second.

“For excellent durability, both memory cards are built to withstand wide temperature ranges (-40°C to 85°C) to handle even the harshest of operating environments. To prevent errors from occurring during data transfers, the ISDD33K and IUDD33K support LDPC ECC (Low Density Parity Check Error Correcting Code) to enable algorithms to operate in real-time, precisely decode, and improve the quality of data transmissions. Both memory cards also support Wear Leveling, to distribute write/erase cycles evenly among blocks for a longer product lifespan. The cards also implemented V10 capabilities denoting at least 10 MB/s of video recording bandwidth for high-resolution video recording.

For reliability and improved cost efficiency, these memory cards implement ADATA’s proprietary A+SLC technology. It utilizes custom NAND Flash firmware with an A+ sorting algorithm to emulate SLC performance. A+SLC is highly reliable, provides excellent data integrity, and delivers a superb cost/performance balance.”

Source : TPU

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