NeoPXL8 FeatherWing

Adafruit has created and launched a new FeatherWing board in the form of the Adafruit NeoPXL8 FeatherWing for Feather M4 which is capable of controlling 8 x DMA NeoPixels strips. Priced at just $6.95 the Adafruit NeoPXL8 FeatherWing board allows you to control the the chainable RGB LEDs. Adafruit explains more about the inspiration behind the NeoPXL8 FeatherWing.

FeatherWing for Feather M4 board

“Resident pixel-pro Paint Your Dragon (who coined the name NeoPixel dont-cha-know!) took on this challenge and has succeeded gloriously. By carefully examining the ATSAMD51 datasheet he noticed you could use the Timer 0 in ‘waveform’ mode, and create 8 unique waveforms over DMA that would handle all the pixel-pushing for you.

Thus were born the NeoPXL8 Arduino library and NeoPXL8 FeatherWing! The library runs on our Feather M4 and handles all the NeoPixeling for you, up to 8 strands of concurrent DMA output each one can be 1750 RGB pixels long for a total of 8 x 1750 = 14000 pixels. That leaves you some RAM for your code to run in as well. Even though you could connect that many pixels, what we think this ‘Wing does best is it take advantage of DMA + the SAMD51’s blazingly-fast 120MHz processor to manage animations for hundreds of pixels with ease”

For full specifications and ordering jump over to the official Adafruit online store by following the link below. Output options for NeoPixel include :

Output #0 comes from either SPI SCK or RX (selectable)
Output #1 comes from either D5 or TX (selectable)
Output #2 comes from either D9 or I2C SCL (selectable)
Output #3 comes from either D6 or I2C SDA (selectable)
Output #4 comes from Digital #13
Output #5 comes from Digital #12
Output #6 comes from Digital #11
Output #7 comes from Digital #10

Source : Adafruit

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