The new Motorola Razr has an all-black exterior, which doesn’t exactly help it to stand out from the crowd. But, don’t worry, you’ll have a better chance to flaunt your handset very soon and make an impression on others. Motorola has confirmed that a “Blush Gold” version of the Razr will be available as soon as this spring. We don’t yet have more specific launch details, but we wouldn’t expect it to carry a significant premium over its more bland counterpart.

It is just a cosmetic change. It won’t change that you’re still buying a mid-range phone with a clever screen. It does seem a bit strange that they decided to limit nearly all of the gold coloring to the bottom half of the phone though. I mean, this is the part covered by your hands when you are using it after all. Most users likely want something a bit more flashy to show off their phone a bit more.

Still, it is better than the plain look, though, and it’s more about keeping with the splashes of color that were common in the original Razr’s heyday I guess. So there you go. Your gold Moto Razr will be here soon.

Source Engadget

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