Nonstick frying pan

One of the main problems with many nonstick frying pans and skillets, is that after continual use the nonstick coating starts to become scratched and peel off from the pan reducing the nonstick performance. Recently a number of next-generation nonstick pans have been created one of which is the iPro offering a scratch resistant nonstick coated Skillet which is available to back via Kickstarter with early bird prices from €72 or roughly £61.

Nonstick pan

The nonstick frying pan can be used on a variety of different heating elements including gas, electric furnace, induction and electric ceramic heaters. “Cooks like Stainless Steel with the advantages of non-stick cleanup; metal utensil safe-won’t scratch or alter cooking surface. this frying pan was designed to convey the joy of cooking as well as to be efficient, visually appealing and ergonomic at the same time.”

You no longer need to worry about using metal utensils and scratching your expensive nonstick pan thanks to the innovative coating which is applied to the iPro Skillet during the manufacturing process. Making them easy to clean and allowing you to cook food without the worry of it sticking to the bottom of your pan.

Nonstick pan

Source: Kickstarter

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